Diane Tuft


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    Diane Tuft: Gondwana- Images of an Ancient Land
    Jun 04 2014 - Jul 03 2014
    Press Release

    Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 from 6-8pm

    The twelve images to the right are a selection of the more than twenty works by the artist that will be on view in the exhibition.

    In 2012, a grant from the National Science Foundation brought photographer Diane Tuft to Antarctica for six weeks. The resulting series of photographs captures the dramatic natural landscape of this remote and ancient continent. Details of ice and rock are distilled into stunning forms for the viewer to consider anew. The photographs are both visual and scientific studies, conveying the subtle and violent atmospheric changes registered on the Antarctic landscape over millions of years.

    Tuft's rich color photographs capture the high levels of ultraviolet light in Antarctica, thereby exposing the visual effects of years of climate change. These works are available as color pigment prints in three sizes, each an edition of five. The black and white photographs, shot on infrared film, are presented as platinum prints and are available in two sizes, each an edition of five.

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    Diane Tuft: Aftermath
    Mar 20 2012 - Apr 21 2012
    Press Release
    Marlborough Graphics is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition of photography by mixed media artist Diane Tuft. The exhibition will comprise photographs from Tuft’s recent Aftermath series, taken in Iceland after the dramatic eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010.