Hervé Saint-Hélier


Born in 1969 in Tours, France, Hervé Saint-Hélier has traveled around the world, photographing his experiences in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Following his successful solo and group shows in Europe and Asia, the 2008 Voyage exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, New York, was his first solo exhibition in the U.S. It featured his major works from 1996 and 2007.

Saint-Hélier focuses on journeying individuals and their transient, almost other-worldly settings as a frequent motif. Explaining the inspiration for his work, the artist stated, “Star lights are my muse. I just reveal what I see…what I photograph is natural, I add no effect. I have a deep envy for seeing something else.” Referring to himself as both a "traveler-photographer" and a "by-stander", Saint-Hélier focuses on the details of everyday life in the places he travels to. Reality is thus made ethereal; our experience of the world around us becomes "poetic abstraction" through Saint-Hélier's lens. 

Saint-Hélier's work is included in collections including the Société Générale Collection (Paris, France) and the Carmignac Foundation Museum (Porquerolles, France).

The artist lives and works in Paris.