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    Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture at Place Vendôme
    Sep 08 2016 - Oct 05 2016
    Press Release

     The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce the public exhibition of six new monumental sculptures by the acclaimed Spanish artist Manolo Valdés at Place Vendôme in Paris. The historically important site located in the 1st arrondissement will serve as an architectural setting for the group of sculptures by Valdés: female heads in aluminum, iron or marble, their unique ornamentations on unforgettable display. The new works, all of which were created for the exhibition at Place Vendôme, depict beautiful, stylized women in the artist’s well-known signature style. Valdés, famous for depictions of women in all media, has created some of the largest and most expressive three-dimensional portraits of his storied career. One sculpture, La Pamela , wears a wide-brimmed hat and stands 16-feet tall. Another entitled Los Aretes , is 19-feet long and depicts a woman with earrings that are as large as her head, all in strikingly bright blue iron. La Mariposa  is the latest version of one of Valdés’s favored thematic presences: the butterfly. The featureless female in this monumental sculpture sports an enormous butterfly on her forehead; it is a headdress that is a symbol not only of inner beauty but also creativity itself. The blue iron visage in Mariposas is adorned with dozens of massive butterflies, in a sculpture that is as uplifting as it is profound. In additional to technical mastery, his sculptures exude deep passion for history and for humanity. To encounter a sculptural head by Valdes is to get a glimpse into the nature of identity. His monumental women are familiar but distinct, imposing yet alluring. They tell universal stories and also possess tantalizing mysteries. The works will remain on view through October 5th, 2016.

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