Beverly Pepper in Sculpture Magazine  

Sculpture Magazine's Judith Hoos Fox interviews the renowned sculptor Beverly Pepper in the article, "Space is a Living Thing." The interview, in the September issue of the magazine, coincides with the annoucement that Pepper will be honored with the International Sculpture Center's 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award alongside Nancy Holt.

Below, is an excerpt from the interview of Pepper speaking about the interplay of the opposing forces of geomerty and organic form in her work:

"Opposing forces are integral to any serious work of art, especially when using organic forms within geometric ones or vice-versa. These opposing forces give a dynamic to the work, with an internal dialogue. They are so integral to our lives spent immersed in urban landscapes where geometry dominates, just as they respond to tensions between experiential material and abstraction or conceptial thought, between extremes such as chaos and order, change and regime. As a maker, of course, my energies flow from and toward forces that exceed any imposed system analysis. And always, these forces are inseparable from the materials themselves- stone, iron, grass, trees, the contours of a geological stratum."

To read the full interview, pick up the latest issue of Sculpture Magazine.

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Summary: Judith Hoos Fox interviews Beverly Pepper in the September 2013 issue of Sculpture Magazine