Blind Cut Video Program 

Press Release

To accompany the exhibition, Blind Cut, curators Jonah Freeman and Vera Neykov have selected a series films that explore the notions of fiction and deception. The films will be shown on a loop in the order below.

Luis Buñuel, Land Without Bread, 1932, 28 minutes

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, Spalding Gray’s Map of L.A., 1984, 27:40 minutes

Antek Walczak, Dynasty, 1998, 49:52 minutes

Gabriel Lester, The Big One, 2011, 14:14 minutes

Adina Popescu, Jeremiah, 2011, 10 minutes 

Blind Cut is on view at Marlborough Chelsea thought February 18, 2012.


Summary: Screening schedule for the Blind Cut video program