Diane Tuft at the Southampton Center 

Jul 12 2013 - Aug 04 2013

"The Artic 2001-2008," an exhibition of Diane Tuft's stunning photographs of the effects of infared and ultraviolet light on the natural landscapes of Greenland and Iceland, will be on view at the Southampton Center in Southampton, New York from July 12- August 4, 2013.

Tuft's photographs document the effects of high levels of these light spectrums, usually found in places suffering from ozone depletion. On view is a selection of photographs taken in 2007 of the icebergs in Greenland's Disko Bay: the color photographs record the colors of the ultraviolet light being reflected off the surface of the icebergs; the black-and-white photographs, taken with infared film, records the amount of resulting heat or infared light being reflected off the surfaces of the same icebergs. The other photographs on view, of glaciers in Iceland taken from 2001 to 2008, illustrate the effects of ultraviolet light on this landscape over time: the icebergs appear dramatically diminished in size in the later photographs.

The exhibition opens with a cocktail reception on July 12 from 6-8pm, followed by a screening of the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice at 8:30pm. More information on the exhibition can be found here. Additional information on the artist and her work can be found here.


Summary: An exhibition of photographs by Diane Tuft is on view at the Southampton Center from July 12- August 4, 2013