Diane Tuft's new book of photographs reviewed in the Wall Street Journal 

Diane Tuft's new book of photographs, Gondwana: Images of an Ancient World, was recently reviewed by Sara Clemence in the Wall Street Journal. The photographs were taken by Tuft on a 2012 trip to Antarctica funded by a National Science Foundation grant. Tuft's photographs aim to document the effects of ozone depletion in Antartica and the resulting ultraviolet and infrared radition there. Clemence comends Tuft's photographs for capturing the inherent abstraction of the natural world,  noting that: "Though they may feel fresh, many of Ms. Tuft's shots capture eons-old formations, such as jewel-like air bubbles that were frozen into a lake thousands of years ago." The full review in the Wall Street Journal can be found here.

Tuft is a mixed-media artist who has focused primarily on photography for more than the last 12 years.Tuft has had solo exhibitions at Marlborough Gallery, Ameringer-Yohe Gallery and Pace Gallery, all in New York City, and The Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah. Her work has been included in many museums throughout the country. Tuft’s work can be found in the permanent collection of The Whitney Museum of American Art and The International Center of Photography in New York City, as well as numerous private collections.

Gondwana: Images of an Ancient World is Tuft's most recent book of photographs, published in 2014 by Assouline. Past publications on the artist's work include Unseen: Photographs by Diane Tuft (2009; Ameringer Yohe Gallery and Artbook/D.A.P.)

More pictures from Tuft's dazzling new book Gondwana can be seen by visiting the book's dedicated website.

Summary: Diane Tuft, "Gondwana: Images of An Ancient Land" (Published by Assouline)