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Manolo Valdés at The New York Botanical Gardens 

Press Release

The New York Botanical Garden and Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of monumental sculpture by Manolo Valdés. On view from September 22, 2012 through May 26, 2013, Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture will include seven bronze, cor-ten steel and aluminum sculptures ranging in size from well over 17 feet tall to more than 50 feet in width.

The sculptures have been sited to take maximum advantage of the Garden’s dramatic views with special attention given to the visual impact of the changing seasons. The artist has designed the installation to include surprising changes in the visual character of the sculptures throughout the seasons.

Learn more: read the full press releas by clicking the prompt, buy tickets to The New York Botanical Gardens exhibit,  and view available work by the artist.


Summary: Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture on view at The New York Botanical Gardens from September 2012 through May 2013