Monumental Valdés Sculpture to Be Installed at 900 Park Avenue 

We are pleased to announce that Dama a caballo V, a monumental bronze sculpture by the Spanish artist Manolo Valdés, will be installed in front of 900 Park Avenue and will be on view through 2014.

Valdés’ iconic sculpture Dama a caballo V was inspired by the mid-seventeenth century equestrian portraits by Diego Velázquez, particularly that of Isabel de Borbón, the Queen of Spain from 1621-1644. The imagery of the equestrian portrait is a theme Valdés has recently begun addressing in both his three dimensional works and paintings. In this sculpture Valdés creates a roughly textured, unfinished appearance with the bronze, evoking the unrefined materials of “primitive” art, yet still manages to impart the regality of the subject.

In New York, Dama a caballo V, along with fifteen other sculptures, was exhibited on Broadway in 2010-2011.


Summary: Valdés’ sculpture Dama a caballo V will grace the front entrance outside of 900 Park Avenue