Profiling: Will Ryman in Art in America 

Sep 10 2009 - Oct 10 2009

Press Release

Mary Barone of Art in America interviews Will Ryman in anticipation of his upcoming exhibition, A New Beginning, opening September 10 at Marlborough Chelsea. Barone traces Ryman's career and influences from his days as a playwright  "creating short fast-paced scenes that explored characters with twisted pysches" to his current body of work  "an installation made up mostly of larger-than-life size roses." For Ryman these roses interspersed with replicas of trash common in Ryman's earlier bodies of work, "become a symbol of global consumption. It's used to sell everything from greeting cards to candy to healthcare. It's another kind of reckless abuse of man and nature."
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Photo by Mary Barone


Summary: Art in America profiles Will Ryman for his upcoming exhibition A New Beginning at Marlborough Chelsea