Slonem's Paintings at Swifty's Restaurant 

Hunt Slonem’s works will be on view at Swifty’s, located on Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side, through April 2011.

All created with oil paint on a wood panel or on canvas, the paintings range in size from an intimate 10 x 8 inches, such as in Blue Thrush, to a more imposing 32 x 47 inches, as in Cockatoos. The works feature his well-known birds, butterflies and rabbits, as well 3 portraits. One portrait features Jaqueline Stone with Slonem’s own parrot, Oliver.

The distinctive fields of repeated natural forms overlaid with his idiomatic sgraffito grids create an overall effect of luxuriousness and calm, effervescence and meditation. His paintings, with their focus on the natural world, suggest that these creatures are our connection to innocence and freshness. Birds and butterflies link heaven to earth through their flight, and bunnies have long been a symbol of guiltlessness and rebirth.

All of the frames are American period pieces from the mid to late nineteenth century. Collecting these storied objects is a passion for Slonem, and he finds them during his many travels throughout the U.S.

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Summary: A selection of Hunt Slonem's works are displayed at Swifty's Restaurant