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    Galeria Marlborough Barcelona opens new space 

    Press Release

    Galeria Marlborough Barcelona will inaugurate its new gallery space located on Carrer d'Enric Granados with an exhibition on the work of Spanish-born artist, Manolo Valdes.  The exhibition will include sculpture, paintings and works on paper.  The opening reception will take place on Thursday May 29 at 7PM and the exhibition will be open to the public until September 13, 2014.  

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    Diane Tuft: "Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land" 

    Jun 04 2014 - Jul 05 2014

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    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, an exhibition of the recent photographic work of Diane Tuft. The exhibition will open on Wednesday, June 4 at Marlborough Gallery on 57th Street with an opening reception from 6–8 P.M.

    In 2012, a grant from the National Science Foundation brought photographer Diane Tuft to Antarctica for six weeks. The resulting series of photographs captures the dramatic natural landscape of this remote and ancient continent. Details of ice and rock are distilled into stunning forms for the viewer to consider anew. The photographs are both visual and scientific studies, conveying the subtle and violent atmospheric changes registered on the Antarctic landscape over millions of years.  Tuft's rich color photographs capture the high levels of ultraviolet light in Antarctica, thereby exposing the visual effects of years of climate change. 

    Tuft's book, Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, has been released by Assouline and will be available for purchase at Marlborough Gallery throughout the exhibition.



    Summary: on view June 4, 2014 - July 5, 2014

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    6:30 am, Robert Weingarten at Peabody Essex Museum 

    Mar 29 2014 - May 31 2015

    In January 2003, at 6:30 am, Robert Weingarten launched his photographic odyssey. Over the course of the year, he made daily exposures at precisely 6:30 am, maintaining an identical combination of camera, 350-millimeter lens, slow-speed film and viewpoint overlooking Santa Monica Bay. Five of his large-scale, luminous photographs of Malibu capture what the artist calls "the fleeting nature of a particular confluence of light, and conditions that render a moment dramatic and singular."

    Weingarten's photographs engage a long tradition of photographing in sequence, chronicling the way a scene changes from moment to moment, and day to day. The bold, immersive colors also call to mind works of American Expressionist artists, especially Mark Rothko, whose color field paintings have influenced generations of artists. Weingarten reminds us that it is not always necessary to travel to make great photographs, and that sometimes the best art is made close to home.

    Click Here for: Peabody Essex Museum Website


    Summary: On view March 29, 2014 to May 31, 2015

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    Santiago Calatrava: Digital Catalogue 

    This catalogue accompanies the exhibition of the Spanish-born, world-renowned artist architect, Santiago Calatrava. Marking the occasion of Calatrava’s first solo exhibition with Marlborough Gallery, the show is comprised of drawings, ceramics, and sculpture. On view at 40 West 57th Street from April 24 through May 31, 2014.

    Click the image below for a fullscreen view of the exhibition catalogue, using your left and right arrow keys, or your mouse, to turn the pages. View the full exhibition | Press Release



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    Richard Estes' Realism 

    May 22 2014 - Feb 08 2015

    Press Release

    Richard Estes’ Realism, a retrospective exhibition jointly organized by the Portland Museum of Art in Maine and the Smithsonian Museum of Art in Washington, D.C., will feature 50 paintings, a range of nearly 50 years (1964-2013) of the artist’s work. The show will open at the Portland Museum of Art on Thursday, May 22 and will continue until September 7, 2014. It will then travel to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where it will be on view from October 10, 2014 until February 8, 2015. 

    Richard Estes is widely considered the master of Photorealism, a form of hy­perrealist painting where a photograph is projected onto the canvas as the source of the image and then painted. In Estes’ case, however, photographs are used only as a starting point. His mastery of painting and technical virtuosity allows him to create surfaces that evince an allover tonal richness, which combined with crystalline clarity of detail, engender a striking magnetic presence. While the ostensible subject is reality, his work is, as art historian Linda Nochlin has pointed out, “concerned with conveying the non coincidence of tac­tile and visual reality,” or, to put it a different way, as the curator Patterson Sims writes, “Estes reveals and revels in a world hidden in plain sight.  His highly detailed works inspire and reward being regarded at length…in the long tradition and history of representational painting he deploys his exceptional skills to turn his observations into revelations.”

    Richard Estes’ Realism will be accompanied by a monograph with essays by Patterson Sims, an independent curator, and Jessica May, Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art at the Portland Museum of Art.  It will also include a detailed chronology by Helen Ferruli, an independent art historian. The book will be published by the Portland Museum of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It will be distributed by Yale University Press.  


    Summary: Retrospective exhibition organized jointly by the Portland Museum of Art in Maine and the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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    Chu Teh-Chun 

    It is with great sadness that we share the news that the artist, Chu Teh-Chun passed away in Paris on Tuesday, March 25, 2014.  Chu was one of the most renowned Chinese painters of the twentieth century.  Born in 1920 in Jiangsu Province in China, he had lived in Paris since 1955.  He was one of the last living Chinese emigre artists who moved to Paris in the 50's.  Chu will be remembered not only as a great artist but also as a person of profound modesty who in company exuded much warmth and wit.


    Summary: Chu Teh-Chun passes away at the age of 94 in his home in Paris, France.

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    Red Grooms: Torn from the Pages II digital catalogue 


    This catalogue accompanies the Red Grooms exhibition, entitled Torn from the Pages II, on view at Marlborough Gallery from March 19 through April 19, 2014. This will be artist's second Torn from the Pages exhibition with Marlborough, a continuation of the first exhibition which took place from October to December of 2012. Red Grooms came to international attention through his early Happenings, like Burning Building (1959), and his famed three-dimensional constructions, such as Ruckus Manhattan, which was exhibited at Marlborough Gallery in 1976. He has worked in a variety of media, including film and theatrical performances. This exhibition comprises 19 small mixed-media constructions that explore and delve into the creative realms of other artists including Joseph Cornell, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yayoi Kusama, Paul Klee, Edward Munch and Francis Picabia.

    Click the image below for a fullscreen view of the exhibition catalogue, using your left and right arrow keys, or your mouse, to turn the pages. View the full exhibition | Press Release


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    Chu Teh-Chun: digital catalogue 

    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of rare works in Sèvres porcelain by the contemporary Chinese master painter, Chu Teh-Chun. The exhibition will consist of a selection twenty-seven hand-painted vases that the artist created over a two-year period and which were exhibited at the prestigious Guimet Museum of Asian Art in Paris in the summer of 2009. It was the first time that this museum exhibited work by a contemporary artist, and the show at Marlborough will be the first time these exquisite works will be seen in New York.  
    Click the image below for a fullscreen view of the exhibition catalogue, using your left and right arrow keys, or your mouse, to turn the pages. View the full exhibition | Press Release


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    Robert Weingarten: "Another America: A Testamonial to the Amish"  

    Feb 22 2014 - May 25 2014

    Marlborough Graphics is pleased to announce that Another America: A Testamonial to the Amish, an exhibition of Robert Weingarten's photographs of Amish communities from around the United States, has opened at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York. The exhibition will be on view through May 25, 2014. The black-and-white photographs in the exhibition were taken over the course of four years in states including Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Because of the ban on photography in many Amish communities, Weingarten's photographs were taken from afar, from public spaces. However, there is no real sense of of distance- physical or cultural- in the artist's photographs; instead, the serene compositions provide the viewer with a look at everyday Amish life, devoid of any of the "strangeness" that has typically accompanied portrayals of Amish communities in the modern world.

    More information on the exhibition can be found here.

    More information on the artist and his work can be found here.

    Summary: Robert Weingarten, "Another America: A Testamonial to the Amish", George Eastman House, February 22- May 25, 2014

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    Bill Jacklin - New York Paintings - 2014 

    Summary: Installation views of Bill Jacklin's 2014 show.