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    Stephen Hannock Honored at the Olana Partnership's Frederic E. Church Award Gala 

    On Thursday, May 23rd the Olana Partnership will host the 2013 Frederic E. Church Award Gala at the New York Public Library. The theme of this year's gala is the "Extraordinary American Landscape" and will honor Elizabeth Broun, the Margaret and Terry Stent Director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Marlborough Artist Stephen Hannock, the renowned contemporary landscape painter. Sting, his wife Trudie Styler and Christo will present the FEC awards to Broun and Hannock. A work by Stephen Hannock will be featured at the benefit's auction. 

    The Frederick E. Church Award Gala will be hosted at the New York Public Library in the Celeste Bartos Forum, located on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street. The Gala is a black tie event, which begins at 7pm with cocktails.

    Summary: Stephen Hannock will be Honored at the Olana Partnership's Frederic E. Church Award Gala at the New York Public Library on May 23, 2013.

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    Claudio Bravo Exhibition Catalogue 

    Press Release


    Click the image above to view a fullscreen preview of the Marlborough catalogue for the May exhibition of work by Claudio Bravo. This exhibition is the first since the artist's untimely death in 2011, featuring over 40 oil paintings, is on view from May 2 through June 8.

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    Manolo Valdés at the Pera Museum 

    May 08 2013 - Jul 21 2013

    Press Release

    From May 8 to July 21, the Pera Museum will present a large exhibition of works by renowned Spanish Pop artist Manolo Valdés. The exhibition titled, "Manolo Valdés: Paintings and Sculptures" will display a selection of works from the 1980's onwards by the artist. 

    "Manolo Valdés: Paintings and Sculptures" opens on May 8 and continues through July 21 at the Pera Museum, located in Istanbul, Turkey. Click here for more information about the upcoming exhibition and learn more about the artist.




    Summary: The exhibition, "Manolo Valdés: Paintings and Drawings" will be on view at the Pera Museum from May 8 to July 21

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    David Rodriguez Caballero First Solo-Exhibition at Miami's C-Art Gallery  

    Apr 22 2013 - Jun 01 2013

    Spanish artist David Rodriguez Caballero will have his first solo-exhibition in Miami at C-Art Gallery, in collaboration with Marlborough Gallery. His solo exhibition titled, "Reflections" will showcase over thirty of his renowned sculptures and artworks made from aluminum, brass and vinyl.

    "Reflections" will be on view at C-Art Gallery from May 2nd to June 1st at C-Art Gallery in Miami, Florida. C-Art Gallery is located at 2600 NW 2nd Avenue in the Wynwood district. For more information on the exhibition and C-Art Gallery click here.

    To learn more about David Rodriguez Caballero click here.


    Summary: The newest gallery to open in Miami, C-Art Gallery, will present DRC's exhibition, "Reflections."

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    Zao Wou-Ki's diptych fetches HK$37 million at Sotheby's HK 

    Apr 09 2013 - May 09 2013

    On April 6th at the Sotheby's HK auction of 20th Century Chinese Art, one of the notable sales was Zao Wou-Ki's intricate and colorful diptych titled,10.03.83. The painting's pre-sale estimate was set between HK$25-32 million and suprised attendants when it fetched a whopping HK$37 million. Click here to read more of ARTINFO's Sotheby's HK auction highlights on the 20th Century Chinese Art sale.

    Unfortunately, following this remarkable sale on April 9th, the artist Zao Wou-Ki passed away at aged 93. Click here to read Jason Chow of the Wall Street Journal's tribute to one of the most prolific Chinese painters of the 20th century.


    Summary: ARTINFO highlights the top Chinese sales made at the Sotheby's HK auction for Chinese paintings

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    Pablo Genovés in El Confidencial 

    Mar 30 2013 - Apr 27 2013

    Rubén Díaz Caviedes reviews Pablo Genovés exhibition, "Recent Photographs," currently on view at Marlborough Gallery. Click here to read the full article online and learn more about the artist.


    Summary: Pablo Genovés exhibition "Recent Photographs" is reviewed

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    Pablo Genovés exhibtion catalogue 

    Press Release


    Click the image above to view a fullscreen preview of the Marlborough Graphics catalogue for its inaugural exhibition of photography by Pablo Genovés. This exhibition brings together works from two related series, Precipitados (Precipitates) 2008-2011, and Cronología del Ruido (Chronology of Noise) 2011-2012, and is on view from March 28 - April 27. 

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    Magdalena Abakanowicz & Pablo Genoves Opening Reception at Marlborough Gallery 

    Mar 28 2013 - Apr 27 2013


    Summary: Last night's photographs from the opening reception for Magdalena Abakanowicz & Pablo Genoves

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    Magdalena Abakanowicz Exhibition Catalogue 

    Press Release


    Click on the image above for a fullscreen preview of the catalogue for the Magdalena Abakanowicz exhibition, on view at Marlborough from March 28 - April 27, with an essay by Mary Jane Jacob.

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    Magdalena Abakanowicz Will Open at Marlborough Gallery 

    Mar 13 2013 - Apr 27 2013

    Press Release

    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to annouce the March 28th opening of a comprehensive exhibition of works by the world renowned Polish sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz. The artist is recognized as one of the most original and powerful sculptors working today, and Marlborough's show will offer a unique opportunity to view the artist's work over a twenty-one year period, from 1987 to 2009. The exhibition will continue through April 27, 2013.

    To learn more about Magdalena Abakanowicz click here.


    Summary: The exhibition "Magdalena Abakanowicz: A Survey 1987-2009" will be on view from March 28th to April 27th