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    Manolo Valdés at the Instituto Cervantes New York 

    Jan 15 2013 - Jan 16 2013

    The Instituto Cervantes New York will host a free film-screening of "Valdés As a Pretext" on January 15th at 6pm at the Instituto's auditorium at 211 E 49th Street. The screening is open to the public and will be accompanied by a Q & A session with Manolo Valdes, the Director of the documentary, Javier Molins and the Director of the Instituto, Javier Rioyo. For more information about the event visit the Instituto's website and learn more about the artist.



    Summary: The Insituto Cervantes will present a free screening that is open to the public of the film, "Valdés as a pretext" on January 15th at 6pm.

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    Tom Otterness at the Palm Beach Cultural Council  

    Jan 03 2012 - Mar 02 2012

    On view through March 2nd at the Palm Beach Cultural Council is an exhibition devoted to the sculptor Tom Otterness. The exhibition, titled after the artist, showcases a diverse range of the artist's works which dialogue with the centerpiece of the exhibit- Otterness's large frieze, Battle of the Sexes from 1982.

    Click here to read more about the exhibition on the Palm Beach Daily News, and learn more about the artist. 


    Summary: Otterness's large frieze "Battle of the Sexes" is on display alongside some of his other works, contextualizing his oeuvre for visitors

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    Grisha Bruskin & Collective AES+F Jointly Win Kandinsky Prize 

    Dec 17 2012 - Dec 30 2012

    For the first time ever, the Kandinsky prize has been split between two winners- Grisha Bruskin and collective AES+F. Bruskin's sculpture the H-Hour and AES+F's video installation Heaven, Hell and Purgatory were the works which the artists earned the award for. Both artists share the prize of 40,000 euros.

    To read the full online article by the BBC News on the 2012 Kandinsky Prize click here. To learn more about Russian artist Grisha Bruskin click here.


    Summary: Bruskin and AES+F awarded the 2012 Kandinsky Prize in Russia

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    Francisco Leiro Exhibition Will Open at Marlborough Gallery 

    Jan 09 2013 - Feb 09 2013

    Press Release

    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce that an exhibition of recent work by the remarkable Spanish artist, Francisco Leiro, will open on January 9 and continue through February 9, 2013. The exhibition comprises approximately twenty sculptures of polychrome wood, including freestanding life-size figures, intimate pedestal pieces, and wall pieces.



    Summary: Francisco Leiro's sculptures will be on view in the main gallery from January 9th until February 9th

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    Guy Laliberté featured on Forbes 

    Dec 13 2012 - Jan 05 2013

    Forbes writer Hannah Elliot interviews artist Guy Laliberte and finds out what space travel was like for the artist and what inspired him to shoot his series of GAIA photographs. Click here and read the article in full online and learn more about the artist.


    Summary: Forbes reviews Guy Laliberte's GAIA photographs at Marlborough Gallery

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    Guy Laliberté featured on Art Daily 

    Dec 01 2012 - Jan 05 2013

    On December 12th Art Daily featured an article on artist Guy Laliberté and his current exhibition GAIA at Marlborough Gallery. Click here to read the full article online and learn more about the artist.

    Guy Laliberté's GAIA is on view until January 5th, 2013


    Summary: Art Daily details the opening of GAIA, Guy Laliberte's series of photographs of the earth taken from space

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    GAIA Opening Reception at Marlborough Gallery 

    Dec 12 2012 - Jan 05 2013


    Summary: Last night's photographs from the opening reception of Guy Laliberté's exhibition "GAIA"

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    Magdalena Abakanowicz: The Human Adventure 

    Nov 27 2012 - Jan 30 2013

    Enjoy a video walk through of the current Magdalena Abakanowicz exhibition, "The Human Adventure" on view at Akbank Sanat in Istanbul Turkey.

    Magdalena Abakanowicz - İnsanlık Serüveni from AkbankSanat on Vimeo.


    Summary: Video walk through of Abakanowicz's latest exhibition at Akbank Sanat

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    Bravo's Angelis Sets Record in Sotheby's Latin American Sale 

    Nov 21 2012 - Dec 01 2012

    Last evening and the evening prior, Sotheby's held its Latin American sale at its New York location, and set six records for artists Bravo, Righini, Dr.Atl, Gualdi, Gego, and Soto . Claudio Bravo's, "Angelis," which had an estimate of $900,000 to $1.2 Million sold for $1.5 Million- setting a record for the artist. Art Daily reported that yesterday's evening session brought in a total of $19,275,250 with 89% of the lots sold. To read Art Daily's article on last evening's Latin American sale click here.


    Summary: Bravo's "Angelis" and Botero's "Horse" were two of the highlights of Sotheby's Latin American sale

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    Asia Society Honors Artist Zao Wou-Ki at Hong Kong Event This Evening 

    Nov 20 2012 - Dec 01 2012

    This evening, Asia Society Hong Kong and FEAST Projects will host the event, "Cataloguing the Work of a Modern Artist," honoring Hong Kong abstract expressionist Zao Wou-Ki. The event begins with a reception followed by an evening discussion with: Francoise Marquet, Zao Wou-ki Foundation; Yann Hendgen, Zao Wou-ki Foundation; Melissa Walt, Colby College, Maine, USA; Jean-Paul Desroches, Curator, Sophia Law, Lingnan University (Moderator). Read the article in full online and learn more about the artist.


    Summary: Asia Society Hong Kong in collaboration with FEAST Projects Present "Cataloguing the Work of a Modern Artist: The Cardinal Example of Zao Wou-ki."