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    Red Grooms/ Torn from the Pages Exhibition at Marlborough Gallery 

    Oct 24 2012 - Dec 01 2012

    Press Release

    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by the inimitable American artist Red Grooms. The exhibition, entitled Torn from the Pages, will open October 24 with a reception from 6:00-8:00 PM and will continue through December 1, 2012. Since Ruckus Manhattan, his first widely acclaimed exhibition at Marlborough in 1976, Grooms has staked his claim as one of America’s most original, inventive, and popular artists. In this exhibition he turns his creativity towards other established artists, making them his subjects.

    For more information on Red Grooms, please click here.



    Summary: Red Grooms exhibition will open October 24th

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    Zao Wou-Ki, at 92 Years Old, Is China's Highest-Selling Living Artist 

    In the October 5th Wall Street Journal article, "Coming Back to Zao Wou-Ki," Jason Chow highlights how the abstract artist's work over the past decade has gone from selling for only $50,000 to selling between $1 to $8 million. Wou-Ki last year made over $90 million at auction, establishing him as China's highest-selling living artist. Read the full article online and learn more about the artist.


    Summary: WSJ Scene Asia writer Jason Chow chronicles the current success of Wou-Ki

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    Dale Chihuly in Richmond Magazine 

    In the October issue of Richmond Magazine renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly is interviewed about his upcoming site-specific installation at the Virgina Museum of Fine Arts, which is on view from October 20th, 2012 to February 13th, 2013. Read the full article online and learn more about the artist.


    Summary: Richmond Magazine Visits Dale Chihuly's Studio

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    Marlborough Gallery at the XXVIème Biennale des Antiquaires  

    Learn more about Valdes at XXVIème Biennale des Antiquaires.


    Summary: Installation views of the Marlborough Gallery booth at the XXVIème Biennale des Antiquaires

  • New York

    Richard Estes: New York by Night 

    Learn more about Richard Estes: New York by Night by clicking here.


    Summary: Installation views of Richard Estes: New York by Night

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    Manolo Valdés in the Daily News 

    The September 25, 2012 issue of the New York Daily News features a glowing review of Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture at the New York Botanical Garden on page 32. You can also read the article online. Click here to learn more about Manolo Valdés.


    Summary: Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture at the New York Botanical Garden reviewed in the Daily News

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    Richard Estes Exhibition Will Open at Marlborough Gallery 

    Sep 20 2012 - Oct 20 2012

    Press Release


    The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce that an exhibition of new work by the contemporary American Realist painter, Richard Estes, will open on September 20th at Marlborough Gallery, 40 West 57th Street, and continue through October 20. This exhibition, titled New York by Night, marks the artist’s nineteenth year with Marlborough.

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    Summary: Estes' exhibition of recent work, New York by Night, will open Sept. 20

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    Manolo Valdés in The New York Times 

    Manolo Valdés is featured in The New York Times in advance of the exhibition, Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture, at the New York Botanical Garden. Read the article online by clicking here.


    Summary: Feature on the artist in The New York Times in advance of the exhibition "Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture" at the New York Botanical Garden

  • Art Fair

    Marlborough Gallery participating in XXVIème Biennale des Antiquaires 

    Sep 14 2012 - Sep 23 2012


    Manolo Valdés (b.1942) is one of Spain’s most important and respected artists and is considered to be one of the most original and versatile artists working today. For Valdés the history of art is a major source of inspiration as he looks to the old masters, such as Velázquez, Cranach, van Eyck, Fra Filippo Lippi , as well as the modernists, Picasso and Matisse. However, he finds more than just inspiration in the works of these artists; he does not simply copy the work of his artistic forebears but uses their work “as a pretext” (“como pretexto”) to create an entirely new aesthetic object. He employs his painterly arsenal: mounds of dense oil pigment, torn and reassembled bits of burlap, to create a large scale head derived from a Matisse painting or a sculpture consisting of an assemblage of pieces of alabaster or rare and exotic wood evoking three dimensional marquetry to create the imposing “Menina” or the “Dama a Caballo” derived from the paintings of Diego Velázquez.* Velázquez has had the greatest influence on Valdés’ art; the 17th-century Spanish Baroque master has guided Valdés over the years through a broad range of endeavors, from large scale painting to monumental sculptures. His series of large bronze figures with billowing gowns, are composites distilled from images in Velázquez’s masterpiece of 1656, Las Meninas, in the Prado in Madrid.* Furthermore Valdés’ relationship with art history and historical places can be seen in his installation of the Reina Marianas and Meninas in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris (2005), a further installation of paintings and sculptures in the Chateau de Chenonceau (2005) and more recently the 2010 installation in the Chateau de Chambord. •

    His work is included in more than forty public collections including the Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy; Menil Foundation, Houston, Texas; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Musée National d’Art Moderne-Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain; and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 

    For more information on Manolo Valdés please click here



    Summary: Marlborough Gallery’s booth at the Biennale will be devoted to the work of the Spanish artist Manolo Valdés.

  • International Public Art

    Manolo Valdés at The New York Botanical Gardens 

    Press Release

    The New York Botanical Garden and Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of monumental sculpture by Manolo Valdés. On view from September 22, 2012 through May 26, 2013, Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture will include seven bronze, cor-ten steel and aluminum sculptures ranging in size from well over 17 feet tall to more than 50 feet in width.

    The sculptures have been sited to take maximum advantage of the Garden’s dramatic views with special attention given to the visual impact of the changing seasons. The artist has designed the installation to include surprising changes in the visual character of the sculptures throughout the seasons.

    Learn more: read the full press releas by clicking the prompt, buy tickets to The New York Botanical Gardens exhibit,  and view available work by the artist.


    Summary: Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture on view at The New York Botanical Gardens from September 2012 through May 2013