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    Manolo Valdés on Broadway 

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    Summary: A virtual tour of monumental sculptures by Valdés on Broadway

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    Botero: Monumental Sculptures Installation Video 

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    Summary: See Botero's monumental bronzes installed at Marlborough Chelsea

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    Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture on Broadway 

    May 20 2010 - Jan 23 2011

    Press Release

    The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, The Broadway Mall Association, Marlborough Gallery, and the New York City Department of Transportation are pleased to announce a public exhibition of monumental sculptures by Spanish artist Manolo Valdés from May 20, 2010 through January 23, 2011. The exhibition will include sixteen bronze sculptures along Broadway from Columbus Circle to 166th Street. Each sculpture will include signage that displays mobile phone access numbers for an English and Spanish language audio tour with informative descriptions of the works.

    Click here for NY1's coverage of the exhibition


    Summary: A public exhibition of monumental sculptures by Spanish artist Manolo Valdés

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    Chakaia Booker: In and Out at DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum 

    May 15 2010 - Aug 29 2010

    Chakaia Booker: In and Out at DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum


    Summary: This summer DeCordova Scukpture Park and Museum will present the largest museum exhibition to date of the work Chakaia Booker.

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    Storm King Features Marlborough Artists: Talasnik, Booker 

    Jun 05 2010 - Nov 14 2010

    Press Release

    On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Storm King asked ten artists to create a new work or select a recent one to loan to the sculpture park. New to Storm King, Stephen Talasnik presents "Stream: A Folded Drawing," a site-specific construction consisting of about 3,000 bamboo poles tied together to form a monumental yet delicate structure some 12 feet high by 90 feet long, which appears to be rolling down the hill on which it is sited.

    A new scuplture by Chakaia Booker made of cut, twisted, and looped car tires, yielding a work of Baroque energy, will also be on view.

    For this special presentation, Storm King Director and Curator David R. Collens worked with the artists to select locations in which to site the sculptures, which will be dispersed throughout Storm King’s verdant hills and fields. The sculptures can thus be appreciated for their intrinsic value, as well as in relation to nearby works with which they are in dialogue, offering new perspectives on Storm King’s celebrated collection. Mr. Collens states, “We are honored that these artists, whose works represent such a diversity of styles and mediums, have agreed to help us celebrate our anniversary in this meaningful way.”

    The works in the exhibition will remain on view for the 2010 season.

    Below, Stephen Talasnik explains the concept and process of his project "Stream: A Folded Drawing."


    Summary: New sculptures by Stephen Talasnik and Chakaia Booker featured at Storm King Art Center

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    Tom Otterness Playground at Silver Towers 

    Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

    Playground, 2007
    Bronze, edition of 6
    360 x 365 x 294 in., 914.4 x 927.1 x 746.8 cm

    For more information about the playground, please contact the gallery at 212-541-4900.

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    Summary: Otterness unveils his new playground at Silver Towers on 42nd Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenue

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    Hans Silvester's "Natural Fashion" Series Featured as Cover Story of Departures magazine's May/June 2010 Issue 

    The May/June 2010 issue of Departures magazine features a glowing cover story on Hans Silvester's Natural Fashion series of photographs.  The issue includes a number of powerful images from the series, both inside and on the cover, as well as a fascinating discussion with famed New York fashion critic Candy Pratts Price regarding Silvester's spell-binding color portraits of East African's Omo Valley people and their artistic traditions.  The Surma and Mursi tribes of  Ethiopia's Omo Valley  use bright mineral pigment to adorn the skin and use various flora to fashion colorful headpieces and other body accessories.  The striking forms of the ancient tribal aesthetic, manifested through the inspired use of our shared world, speaks of the universal need for cultural (and aesthetic) expression and, as Price notes, "to create beauty all the time."

    Click here to see more of Hans Silvester's work.

    Please contact Marlborough Graphics at the 57th Street location to learn or see more.

    The series is also illustrated in the book Natural Fashion: The Tribal Decoration from Africa (New York: Thames & Hudson, 2008).


    Summary: Hans Silvester's "Natural Fashion" in the May/June 2010 issue of Departures magazine, including cover story and images from the series

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    Sculptures by Ryman and Snelson in 7 World Trade Center Lobby 

    Born in 1969, Will Ryman lives and works in New York City. He is widely recognized for his unique sculpture installations that distill human experience and emotion, capturing moments of surprise and exploring the quotidian in city life.
    These three sculptures are from a series of over thirty mixed media works that depict large roses in shades of pink and red with garden detritus such as bottle caps, crushed cans and bubblegum wrappers, with a distortion of scale that, according to the artist, reflects a rodent’s view of a New York City rose garden.
    The works on display include: Untitled (Rose 15), Untitled (Rose 24), Untitled (Rose 34)
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    Kenneth Snelson’s sculptural explorations with tensegrity structures, a word created by the philosopher Buckminster Fuller to describe Snelson’s structural innovation by combining the words tension and integrity, manifests itself in webs of aluminum tubes and stainless steel cables that are held in highly stressed, configured structural arrangements through the push-pull balance of compressive forces in the tubes and tension forces in the cables. Snelson was born in Oregon in 1927 and lives and works in Manhattan.
    This work, Equilateral Quivering Tower, was conceived in 1973 and fabricated in 1992. This is the sister sculpture to a monumental outdoor work permanently installed at the Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan.
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    Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


    Summary: Installation at 7 World Trade Center

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    Roberta Smith Reviews Picasso Exhibition in The New York Times 

    “Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso’s Prints From 1905-1968,” at Marlborough, running through May 1, is reviewed by Roberta Smith of the New York Times. She extolled the extensive curatorial efforts of Vice President Tara K. Reddi, and remarked on the complementary conversation between this show and the concurrent prints exhibition, “Picasso: Themes and Variations,” at the Museum of Modern Art.

    "...“Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso’s Prints From 1905-1968,” at the Marlborough Gallery on West 57th Street, is considerably larger [than MoMA's] in size with 204 works but far narrower in focus. As its title implies, this venture is pretty much girls, girls, girls. Here we have more of the aforementioned wives and mistresses, along with mythological figures, unnamed models and their more sexualized counterparts: mantilla-topped majas in assorted degrees of undress. This project was organized over two years by Tara K. Reddi, the vice president at Marlborough...and Marilyn McCully, chief collaborator on John Richardson’s monumental Picasso biography. You could say that the Marlborough show fitfully fills out the spare yet relatively complete armature of the Modern’s show, while offering rarities of its own."

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    Summary: Picasso's exhibitions at Marlborough and MoMA reviewed by Roberta Smith, April 9, 2010

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    Installation video of Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso's Prints