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    Michael Anderson in Panel Discussion at Fred Torres Collaborations 

    Jan 20 2010 - Jan 25 2010

    Press Release

    On Friday, January 22nd from 6:00-8:00pm, Michael Anderson will participate in a panel discussion at Fred Torres Collaborations entitled Midnight Motor Oil: One Night in the Detroit Art Scene.  Michael will be joined by George Rahme and Risa Shoup and the discussion will be moderated by Veronica Kavass.


    Summary: Michael Anderson in Panel Discussion at Fred Torres Collaborations 527 W 29th Street New York

  • New York

    Grisha Bruskin: Twilight of the Gods 

    Click here to view more work by Bruskin

    Summary: A video tour of Bruskin's installation at Marlborough New York

  • International Public Art

    Beverly Pepper: Nuova Twist in Calgary 

    At 18’ feet high and 12.5’ at its widest, the sculpture's presence at the Banker's Court Building in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is defined by its scale and gestural movement. Pepper's vision manifested as a sculpture of monumental scale that accentuates the arrival and entry experience while not overwhelming or crowding the site.

    Click here to view more works by Beverly Pepper


    Summary: A view of Pepper's sculpture Nuova Twist at the Banker's Court Building in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  • New York

    Gallery Night on 57th Street  

    Oct 15 2009 - Oct 16 2009

    Marlborough Gallery, along with over sixty other galleries located on 57th Street in New York City, are pleased to announce that they will remain open to the public on Thursday, October 15th until 8 p.m. for a special Gallery Night on 57th Street event.

    Grisha Bruskin: Twilight of the Gods will be on view at Marlborough Gallery through October 17, 2009.

    Contemporary Potraiture will be on view at Marlborough Graphics through October 17, 2009.


    Summary: Thursday, October 15th Marlborough Gallery will be open until 8 p.m. for a special Gallery Night on 57th Street event.

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    Michael Anderson Creates Eco-Friendly Billboard for Target 

    Sep 04 2009 - Oct 31 2009

    Press Release

    Marlborough Gallery is pleased to announce Michael Anderson’s participation in a unique collaboration with Target and heralded designer Anna Sui.  Anderson is one of four contemporary artists commissioned by Target to create original collages using New York City iconography and the Target Bullseye, which have been translated into monumental works on vinyl for Target’s Times Square billboards.  The billboards will be on view through October 31st.

    Following their time on 42nd street, the vinyl will be restyled into 1,600 tote bags designed by Ms. Sui and available for sale on Target’s website. Consumers will be able to choose which of the four artists’ work will be used in creating their unique bag at target.com/billboardbag. To read more see NY Times Media Decoder Blog, CNBC.com, Treehugger.com, Nylon Magazine, and GreenDaily.com.

    View more work by Michael Anderson


    Summary: Target to Transform Michael Anderson Billboard into Tote Bags

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    Profiling: Will Ryman in Art in America 

    Sep 10 2009 - Oct 10 2009

    Press Release

    Mary Barone of Art in America interviews Will Ryman in anticipation of his upcoming exhibition, A New Beginning, opening September 10 at Marlborough Chelsea. Barone traces Ryman's career and influences from his days as a playwright  "creating short fast-paced scenes that explored characters with twisted pysches" to his current body of work  "an installation made up mostly of larger-than-life size roses." For Ryman these roses interspersed with replicas of trash common in Ryman's earlier bodies of work, "become a symbol of global consumption. It's used to sell everything from greeting cards to candy to healthcare. It's another kind of reckless abuse of man and nature."
    Click here for the full story.

    Photo by Mary Barone


    Summary: Art in America profiles Will Ryman for his upcoming exhibition A New Beginning at Marlborough Chelsea

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    Michael Anderson Collage Installation in Ace Hotel 

    Michael Anderson recently completed a permanent site-specific installation in the lobby of the newly-opened Ace Hotel on Broadway and 29th street, the celebrated chain’s first hotel on the East Coast. The collage is comprised of high resolution scans of Anderson’s 20-year collection of graffiti stickers, all in black and white, and includes historical tags by Twist (Barry McGee), Espo (Steven Powers) and Shepard Fairey. Located on the west side of the lobby, the installation wraps around the wall behind main staircase and was recently featured in the New York Times Online and New York Magazine.

    View more work by Michael Anderson


    Summary: Anderson completes permanent, site-specific installation at Ace Hotel on Broadway and 29th Street, New York.

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    Chu Teh Chun at Musée Guimet, Paris 

    Jun 10 2009 - Sep 07 2009

    Press Release

    Marlborough artist Chu Teh-Chun, a French painter of Chinese origin, will exhibit an exceptional series of ceramics entitled De Neige, d’Or et d’Azur (Of Snow, Gold and Sky Blue) at Musée Guimet, Paris. Following an initiative of Marlborough Gallery, Chu Teh-Chun produced this series of ceramics at La Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres in 2008 and 2009: each ceramic is a unique porcelain jar painted by the artist in the famous “bleu de Sèvres” (blue of Sèvres) highlighted with gold. This exhibition will mark the first time that a series of contemporary ceramics will be exhibited at Musée Guimet, one of the most important western art institution in the field of Asian art.

    Jean-Paul Desroches, an expert in Chinese ceramics and Chief Curator of the Chinese department of the Musée Guimet, remarks in his book, that documents every step of Chu’s creation at La Manufacture de Sèvres (Editions La Martinière/ Abrams, August 2009): “Connoisseurs of ceramics will immediately appreciate the originality of this decorative series. The pure materials, noble forms, and enchanting motifs are largely inspired by Far Eastern aesthetics. The subtle relationship between art and nature is fully explored here, in ways similar to traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy…Thus each vase urges the beholder to make a circular journey – one with neither beginning nor end – through a land of plenty, rich in intersecting paths that encourage everyone to find his or her own way.”

    Visit the site of Musée Guimet to learn more. / View more work by Chu Teh-Chun


    Summary: Chu Teh-Chun's "De Neige, d’Or et d’Azur" will be exhibited at the Rotunda of Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet from June 10 – September 7, in Paris, France.

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    Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture 

    Jun 25 2009 - Oct 31 2009

    Manolo Valdés’ monumental sculpture is the subject of two current exhibitions at the Jardins des Boulingrins in Monaco, Monte Carlo and in Saint-Tropez, France.
    Each exhibition features nine sculptures: bronzes that depict large female heads, their calm facial composures offset rhythmically by dynamic ornamental head-pieces.  Accompanying these sculptures are two groups of elegantly imposing figures based on Diego Velázquez’ Infanta Margarita and Reina Mariana from the painting Las Meninas.  The exhibition in Monaco includes two large works entitled Infanta Margarita, and the Saint-Tropez exhibition includes five sculptures from this series. In these works, Valdés draws inspiration from an art-historical motif, as he does in much of his work, using his own visual language to skillfully play tribute to one of the great masters.


    Summary: Manolo Valdés Sculptures will be exhibited in Monaco (June 25 –September 30) and Saint-Tropez (June 27-October 31)

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    Robert Weingarten at the High Museum of Art 

    Jan 23 2010 - Apr 04 2010

    Press Release

    A new exhibition of digital portraits by Robert Weingarten: The Portrait Unbound: Photographs by Robert Weingarten, January 23- April 4 2010 at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta Georgia.

    Click here for more work by Robert Weingarten


    Summary: Exhibition of Robert Weingarten's "Portraits Without People" series at the High Museum