The Estate of Victor Willing



Uffizi by victor willing marlborough
Uffizi, 1987, oil on canvas, 201/8 × 201/8 in., 51 × 51 cm
Circuator by victor willing marlborough
Circuator, 1986, oil on canvas, 201/8 × 201/8 in., 51 × 51 cm
Place triptych by victor willing marlborough
Place Triptych, 1976-1978, oil on canvas, 455/8 × 653/8 in., 116 × 166 cm

Selected Press

colorful painting by Victor
a chair behind a green screen in a yellow room
triptych of blue room, a makeshift stage platform in the center with toys scattered within
polygons in a landscape, very brushy paint strokes
a sail boat is beached in a spotlight in a green room
Haco pv 18102019 victorwilling 12 1400x720
Portrait of Victor Willing