The Smiths

Jul 3 — Aug 2, 2019

Marlborough is pleased to present The Smiths, a group exhibition inspired by a typically stimulating and amusing conversation with the artist Maurizio Cattelan. As per his imagining, the show consists of over 30 artists with the surname Smith. It spans multiple generations, styles and mediums and includes artists that are both famous and some who are less familiar.

As the works are effectively self-selected, the show forces un-premeditated connections between artworks and artists. The overall effect of what may be an unlikely dialogue between objects, are unexpected and allow for a kind of a fortuitous dynamism. For example, a stately ink drawing by the legendary David Smith, occupies a space with a small oil on canvas by up-and-coming painter Emily Mae Smith, which, alongside work by the young self-taught Philadelphia sculptor Kambel Smith, creates a multivalent conversation that might not ever have come into focus in a conventional exhibition setting.

The inclusion of other prominent contributors from both sides of the Atlantic such as Sir Paul Smith and Patti Smith, further adds a layer of multihyphenate cultural figures to the mix, who may be either exalted or democratized by the process.

Marlborough is grateful for Maurizio Cattelan’s encouragement and for initiating this project.

Participating artists include:
Emily Mae Smith, Greg Parma Smith, Lucien Smith, Kambel Smith, Sir Paul Smith, David Smith, Joshua Smith, Patti Smith, Harry Smith, Cary Smith, Zak Smith, Adam Parker Smith, Michael Bell Smith, Sable Elyse Smith, Matt Sheridan Smith, Meryl Smith, Clive Smith, Michael Smith, Barbara T. Smith, Michael E. Smith, Shinique Smith, Molly Smith, Cauleen Smith, Kiki Smith, Tony Smith, Bridget Smith, Bob and Roberta Smith, Anj Smith, Richard Smith, John Smith, Matthew Smith and more.


Opening reception supported by Sipsmith Gin.


Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.
Kiki Smith, Pool of Tears 2, 2000, etching and aquatint, edition of 29, 503/4 × 741/2 in., 129 × 189.2 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Matt Sheridan Smith , Pattern portrait (cyclist), 2014, acrylic, gel transfer, paper, gesso on linen, 60 × 42 in., 152.4 × 106.7 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Anj Smith, Field Theory No. 1 (View 2), 2018, copperplate etching with ink, watercolour and pencil on paper, 141/8 × 173/8 in., 36 × 44 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.
John Smith, Om (View 2), 1986, 16mm film transferred to HD video, colour, sound, 4 minutes. Photo: Luke Walker.
Emily Mae Smith, Wheels of Fortune, 2019, oil on linen, 9 × 11 in., 22.9 × 27.9 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.
Greg Parma-Smith, Pelican with Glory, 2017, oil and jewels on canvas, 48 x 48 x 1 12 in., 471 × 471 × 11/2 in., 121.9 × 121.9 × 3.8 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Lucien Smith, Untitled (Tulip 20,18, 24,10), 2019, oil on linen, 8 × 8 in., 20.3 × 20.3 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.
Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.
Adam Parker Smith, Fearlessly the Idiot Faces the Crowd, 2019, mixed media, 52 × 12 × 67 in., 132.1 × 30.5 × 170.2 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Make Your Own Damn Art, oil on placard, 35 3-8 x 35 3-8 in., 353/8 × 353/8 in., 90 × 90 cm. Photo: Luke Walker.
Installation View. Photo: Luke Walker.