A gestural, acrylic on board painting by Frank Auerbach of a reclining head.
Kuonyt plain 1
A color pencil and graphite drawing by Karl Wirsum that depicts two abstracted figures with sharp outlines. The anthropomorphic figure in the foreground is kneeling and is rendered in red, green, blue and magenta while the smaller figure is red and animal-like. Both are set against a cloud-like background.
A color photograph by Ryan McGinley of a nude woman in nature, creating a spray of water as she throws her head back.
A detail of "Con-junto (The Ensemble) a mixed media sculptural work by Daniel Lind-Ramos that is composed of metal, buckets, palm tree branches, fabric, rope, and musical instruments.
A detail of the spherical sculpture "Lederhosenball" by Lars Fisk.
A detail of the sculpture "Of Things Seen in the Sky - Fata Morgana" by Alice Aycock.
An oil on canvas painting by Vincent Desiderio that depicts a rocky seaside landscape. The cliff in the foreground is made of rocks of various shapes and sizes and is rendered in brown and beige. A solider kneels between the cliff rocks in the midground of the same color. The figure and cliff are set against a foreboding sky with a thick swirl of dark smoke cutting across it.