F1000020 1 1024x683
Article00 1064x
Fisk 2002ball 2020 steel glass auto parts lift jack diameter 50 in. 127 cm
Fisk houseboatball 2020 steel glass vinyl enamel found objects dimensions variable cnon 62.061 1600 xxx q85
Beverly pepper. cor ten. marlborough contemporary new york installation view 2 pierre le hors
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Fisk, treeball (ash) (view 1), 1998, wood, bark, diameter 29 in., 73.7 cm, cnx 7270 luke walker (lef edit)
Fisk, lederhosen ball, 2019 (rgb)
Fisk, lederhosen ball, 2019 (rgb)
Fisk, lederhosen ball, 2019 (rgb)
Semo, double 2019 polished and patinated cast bronze 50.16 cm hauteur x 22.86 cm
a steel sculpture constructed from found objects
Freeman and lowe. colony sound (r.5 radio shield). marlborough, london installation view 5 luke walker
A large, mixed-media almost totemic sculpture, with drapery and fabric