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One of Lind-Ramos' sculptures appears in the foreground, resembling a figure lunging forward, one arm reaching up triumphantly.
Two of Lind-Ramos' figures stand stoically in the white hall. One's materials take on a teal and dark brown hue, the other red, pink and beige.
Lind-Rramos's frequent use of found objects creates a sculpture of a group of musicians.
portrait of Euan Uglow
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Beverly at work wearing a welding mask
In a portrait by Ryan McGinley, a figure lies in the foreground, twisting so their feet recede away and out of the frame. A raggedy tree with autumn foliage takes of the center of the image behind and above the figure, silhouetted against the sky.
Mcginley, chris b, 2018, c print, edition of 3, 27 x 40 in., 68.6 x 101.6 cm
Mcginley dream dam 2020 c print edition of 3 27 x 40 in. 68.6 x 101.6 cm email 1132x620 1583339460
Ryan mcginley artlyst preview
Lind ramos, figura de cangrejos (view 2), 2018 2019, mixed media, 90 x 72 x 82 in., 228.6 x 182.9 x 208.3 cm embajada