Werner Büttner in Elective Affinities, Exhibition Hall Arsenals, Riga

With around 60 art works by 50 artists, Elective Affinities is the first retrospective of German contemporary art in Riga. Comprised of works from the 1960s until today, the exhibition aims to showcase the central and affective points of German art of the last 50 years. The exhibition will include paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and examples of video art, with a few singular examples of conceptual art. The greater aspect of the exhibition will focus on visual and perceptual contents rather than theorization. As the covered time period began with both East and West Germany, it is necessary to show some examples from the DDR. However, while using singular examples, and particularly works from artists such as Richter, Polke and Baselitz, who existed in the East prior to the Berlin wall, the status of the former East Germany is thus largely represented by artists from the post-unification period.